Our Brands

Group55 are proud brand owners of a number of brands that protect and care for people and their pets. Our products are sold by the largest retailers and the smallest independent retailers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our brands


Animology is the multi-award winning pet care product brand that is trusted by pet owners, vets, retailers, groomers and championship dog owners in more than 50 countries around the world to deliver the very highest standards of pet care. The brand offers products for dogs, cats and horses each presented in bold, stand-out packaging.

All branding encompasses our brand values:




To find out more or to buy please visit www.animology.co.uk

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Our brands


Infection control has never been more important, but for some, regular skin sanitisation can cause damage and/or irritation to the skin which is being kept clean. Alcoease is a range of products developed to provide superior skin protection while maintaining healthy, clean skin.

To find out more or to buy please visit www.alcoease.co.uk