Development Laboratory

With an in-house formulation and development laboratory we are able to provide our customers with the very best in innovation and quality, using the latest ingredients, techniques and equipment. We are specialists in liquid solutions and are able to create bespoke formulations from water based solutions to thick emulsions, both in pet care and personal care.

Creativity Laboratory

The first step in the process of private label is to discuss what product you want and how you want it to perform and look; our creativity lab is the perfect environment to nurture creative and artistic thinking.

The creativity lab is designed to inspire you in to thinking outside the box for your private label project. With a full range of packaging options on display and complete views of the formulation and development laboratory we work with you to develop bespoke products, packaging and design.

With the development lab only next door we’re able to provide sampling sessions within the creativity lab where products can be sampled, scents can be chosen and our formulation and development team will be on hand to answer any product or ingredient questions as well as advise on labelling and compliance.

Our in-house graphic designer will be on hand to offer guidance and support when it comes to brand identity creation and our experienced sales and marketing team offer guidance on industry trends, e-commerce friendly packaging, brand launch and marketing strategy.


We offer independent stability and compatibility testing whether we are manufacturing your product or you have an existing product that hasn’t been tested. These tests are a legal requirement to ensure that products are safe for use, fit for purpose and have a sufficient shelf life.

Our testing laboratory comprises ten climate chambers that enable us to conduct stability and compatibility testing to the highest standards using best practice and exacting test protocols. All products we develop must pass our testing before being approved for manufacture; it is this exceptional attention to quality that provides our customers with absolute confidence that their products are entirely fit for distribution. Our testing capabilities are also offered as an independent testing service utilised by other manufacturers.


Types of Testing

Stability Testing

Each formulation is subjected to various temperature, humidity and light conditions over a period of 12 weeks. The formulation is routinely monitored during the test period to ensure key factors such as pH level, viscosity and colour consistency.

Compatibility Testing

A compatibility test determines the suitability of the primary product packaging (bottle/tube etc.) to store the formulation. This test is conducted in tandem with stability testing over the same time period and seeks to ensure the formulation does not react with the packaging materials used.

Challenge Testing

Challenge testing assesses the preservative system within the formulation. Microbes (bugs) are added to a sample of the formulation to see how quickly they grow, if at all. Microbe development is routinely assessed over a 28 day period.