Group55 Takes Animology Stateside

Group55 Takes Animology Stateside

The UK’s multi-award winning pet product brand, Animology has recently been launched to the American market in an exclusive deal with one of the largest US pet specialist retailers, Petco, who have over 1100 stores across the United States.

With Animology products already being enjoyed by pet owners, vets, retailers, groomers and championship show dog owners in over 40 countries around the world, Group55’s flagship brand will now aim to build upon its global growth in the world’s biggest pet market.

March saw Animology launch a range of 9 of the Animology dog shampoo products through Petco stores nationwide and marks an exciting entry into the American retail market, where over 56.7 million households spend an average $61 per year on dog grooming products and services.

Petco becomes the latest major overseas pet specialist retailer to recognise the strength of the Animology brand and offer it to their customer base, joining the likes of Pet Lovers Centre in South East Asia and Musti Ja Mirri in Scandinavia who have also recently added Animology to their shelves. These latest developments are very much in keeping with the success that Group55 was recognised for by the UK pet trade association, PetQuip, who crowned the company their Exporter of the Year for 2014.

With consistently strong sales in each of the markets in which Animology is now established, Group55 hope to build on their success in the American market, as the company’s Managing Director, Stephen Turner explained;

“We are immensely proud to see Animology, a brand which we created just five years ago, now sitting on the shelves of one of the biggest pet retailers in the world. Establishing Animology in the US market has always been a priority for us, and the announcement of our working relationship with Petco marks the culmination of a great deal of planning to get to this point. We firmly believe that in Petco we have the ideal partner to bring Animology products to the US retail market, and we are thrilled and excited to be able to make Animology products widely available to US consumers through Petco stores, and we look forward to making Animology as successful in the United States as it is at home and elsewhere”. 

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