We have been manufacturing and distributing products that protect and care for families and pets since 1999. Millions of our products have been sold to customers in more than 50 countries around the world who trust Group55 products to deliver world class quality, performance and results.

More than 95% of our products are made in the UK and through innovative chemistry and manufacturing processes we deliver top quality products and service at affordable prices. We also provide ‘Private Label’ solutions to retailers and brand owners who rely on our expertise to deliver full ‘turnkey’ solutions from concept to finished product.

At Group55, we have long been committed to conducting our affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Every employee makes the personal commitment to act with unquestionable integrity and honour and it is the choices we make every day that contribute to the character and success of our company. We always deal fairly with our customers, our suppliers and with each other.


Group55 is a multi-award winning company. Most recently, we have been recognised by the pet industry and the broader business community having been awarded:


Through the global reach of Animology we have supported more than 75 animal charities in countries around the world including India, Australia and the USA.

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